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Is this coding?

Cardbots is a maker robotics platform. An important part of robotics is programming but we wanted to focus on allowing kids to easily make robots without dwelling too much on the programming syntax. The use of Flowde develops computational thinking skills which are useful to program in any language. At any rate, kids will eventually outgrow Flowde and move on to more advanced programming platforms such as ScratchX or even spreadsheets in Google Sheets. In that sense, Cardbots can be a great companion to start the coding journey but it is much more than that.

How to use it

in a Classroom? 

When things go back to normal, Cardbots can be used in classrooms and makerspaces as a STEAM learning tool. Groups of children can work with a single Cardbots kit to develop a team project and add collaboration to the learning experience.

Meanwhile, with one kit per child Cardbots can be an accessible option so they can access these learning experiences at home, guided by a teacher in remote learning sessions.

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