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What is the best programming language?

One of the questions we most frequently receive is "What is the best programming language for my child to learn?" or "Is X language good for a first time learner?"

This is a very valid question since we all want to know where to invest our time to ensure that what we learn is useful. However, at the same time it is important that what we are learning is not too complicated and frustrating.

What if I were to ask you which language is the best to learn as a second language? Many would answer "English" because it is the most widely-used language throughout the world. But say I want to go to Japan. Or how about if I am interested in learning native languages? In such cases, the answer would be very different.

The same happens with programming. Generally speaking, most people will say that Python, C, and Java are the most highly recommended languages to learn. These languages can be used to program on a large number of devices, they have very active communities available in support and above all, they are very versatile. In other words, they can be used to program many types of applications.

But just as with our previous example, these languages are not necessarily always the most adequate for every activity.

In terms of robotics for children, there is software that can facilitate the programming process and make it much easier for a child to control a robot.

This is where Flowde comes in. More than a programming language, it is an application that allows us to control Bucky and perform actions such as changing the motor, moving motors and detecting the light. Furthermore, it can perform other functions such as comparisons or arithmetic operations.

This facilitates the learning process, since many of the barriers that other programming languages may have are eliminated. In turn, Flowde focuses much more on controlling the robot.

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