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Why are we making Cardbots?

When you watch movies about the future, you get the impression that our collective imagination envisions the inevitable fate of catastrophe, loneliness, decay and, above all, dystopia. Furthermore, it seems that there are not many alternative narratives that could help us to see a different path.

It is true that we are facing many difficult global challenges, but it is also true that our generation has witnessed the hugely transformative power of technology. In just a few decades, the Internet has changed our lives entirely. It has generated whole new dimensions of collaboration and creation among us. This is the power of the exponential growth of technology, the same power that is currently accelerating other emerging technologies like AI, nanotechnology, space exploration, robotics and biotech.

We believe that with the right mindset and skills, we can harness the power of technology and bring about a bright future. This is a future in which clean energy powers sustainable cities and automation is used to create abundance, enabling a new era of human creativity and innovation.

Here at Baud, the creative team behind Cardbots, many of us are educators and we believe that every child must be prepared for creating and living that future. However, more and more frequently the traditional educational system and the numerous gaps that exist within it prevent the development of said skills. This problem has now become more serious during the pandemic crisis because all of this learning must happen at home.

That is why we are working on Cardbots, to facilitate diverse learning experiences on a sustainable, accessible and easy-to-use platform, through which children can empower themselves to solve problems with technology, to become #FutureMakers.

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